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    作者:Thomas Love Peacock著
    出版时间:19950101  上架时间:20001127
     Headlong Hall was the first of the series of "conversational"novels. The Welsh country house of Squire Headlong is the venue where characters such as Mr. Foster the optimist, Mr. Escot the pessimist,Mr. Jenkinson the status quo-ite, Dr. Cranium thephrenologist,Dr. Gaster, a gluttonous cleric who has written a learned treatise on the art of stuffing a turkey, Mr. Milestone the landscape gardener and many others with many a suitably named and marriageable daughter, assemble to eat, drink and discuss the arts. The central discussion addresses the question of civilisation and progress and involves an inevitable clash of philosophies between the optimism of Godwin and the pessimism of Malthus. Hilarious comic episodes (such as when Milestone, a caricature of Repton, blows up a hilly area in the grounds to acheive a fashionable smoothness with near disastrous consequences) form a romantic sub-plot which culminates in the arrangement of four marriages.
    出版时间:20060101  上架时间:20090612
     Sir Thomas Lawrence painted some of the best known and loved images of the Regency period,Cherry Ripe, Pinkie and Master William Lambton (The Red Boy) which became some of the most famous images of Victorian and early twentieth century times. However, Lawrence's real genius was to bring to life a huge cross section of Late Georgian and Regency society, ranging from Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, through the swashbuckling grandees of parliament and society to solemn church dignitaries including the Archbishop of Canterbury. Lawrence was the son of a Bristol innkeeper but from these humble beginnings he rose to the highest echelons of Regency society. He was a self-taught child prodigy who supported his family by doing pastel portraits of the nobility and established his first studio in Bath at the age of twelve. He later moved to London where his looks, charm and talent opened doors and, after a resounding early triumph with his portrait of the elderly and kindly Queen Charlotte (painted when he was only 20), he never looked back in terms of professional and social success. On the death of Reynolds, he was appointed official painter to George III and two years later 1794 became the youngest artist ever to be elected a Royal Academician - he was subsequently elevated to President in 1820, an office he held until his death ten years later. His international reputation was ensured when the Prince Regent commissioned portraits of all the foreign leaders involved in the downfall of Napoleon - the resulting portraits are now to be seen in the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle. Today, Lawrence is regarded as the leading portrait painter of the whole of Europe of his time and this beautifully illustrated and longawaited book contains some of his finest work.
  • 医学教育课程开发(六步法中文翻译版原书第3版)
    作者:编者:(美)Patricia A.Thomas//David E.Kern//Mark T.Hughes//Belinda Y.Chen|译者:周玉皆
    出版时间:20191001  上架时间:20191030
     本书主要围绕约翰·霍普金斯大学创立的医学教 育课程开发六步法,介绍课程开发的基本知识,以帮 助读者寻找改进现行课程或开发新课程的方法。内容 主要包括课程开发的六大步骤,各步骤对应的具体课 程开发活动,课程开发六步法对课程的维护和改进, 大型项目的课程开发,以及课程中常见问题的解决方 案。附录A提供了课程示例,附录B则为课程、师资培 训及基金赞助资源。第3版在前2版的基础上更强调基 于能力的教育、跨学科教育及教育技术。 本书可作为医学教育课程开发的参考书,供医学 教育课程开发人员及其他负责医学生、住院医师、临 床医师教育培训的人员阅读。
    出版时间:20080101  上架时间:20080728
     Remember Half.com? Back in the days of the dotcom boom, the discount retail Web site drew headlines when it persuaded the town of Halfway, Ore., to change its name to Half.com for a year. The stunt helped the company gain millions of customers and position itself to be bought out by eBay for a handsome premium. Hughes, the brain behind Half.com's marketing ploy, extols the virtues of "buzz marketing," his name for the idea that companies can dramatically boost sales by attracting publicity and fueling widespread word-of-mouth. In this book, Hughes lays out the "principles" of buzz marketing, offering a list of dos and don'ts, plus numerous examples of businesses that outshined competitors by creating buzz. Anyone familiar with Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point will grasp the logic underlying some of Hughes's ideas. He advocates getting the attention of people who can spread the gospel about your product. This approach, he says, is not only more effective than traditional advertising, but far cheaper. Hughes's tales of companies that successfully harnessed buzz are the strongest part of the book, covering businesses as diverse as Pepsi, Ben and Jerry's and Rit Dye, which revived itself by sparking the tie-dye craze in the 1960s. How valuable readers find some of his other case studies will depend on whether they agree that Britney Spears and American Idol represent "great products" marketed shrewdly. Hughes, who worked for PepsiCo and Pep Boys before joining Half.com, now runs a consulting firm that teaches companies about buzz marketing, which no doubt explains why his writing sometimes seems as subtle as a PowerPoint presentation and as gung-ho as an infomercial. Still, Hughes's ideas are provocative and should interest business professionals frustrated with same-again advertising campaigns.
    出版社:AVON BOOKS
    出版时间:19980101  上架时间:20080420
     Lorand, Rion, Tamrissa, Vallant, Jovvi and Naran have combined their elemental powers and their deep compassion to bring a new era of enlightenment to their once enslaved land. The miraculous reforms decreed by the Ruling Sixfold Blending have enabled all to freely pursue the limits of their magic. But freedom is a hated thing to some, giving rise to jealousy, deceitfulness, and unchecked ambition. As traitors scheme at home, the Chosen. Six are called beyond Gandistra's borders to deal with a dire threat to their empire and their world. For, as the leaders of neighboring Gracely bicker and brood and play politics, an inconceivable army is massing-an invading wave of impossible terror, dedicated to the total devastation of everything in its path. And it may already be too late to stop a foe immune to every knowe magic--including the awesome blended might of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Sight, and Spirit.
  • 风光摄影后期基础/风光摄影知识体系丛书
    所属分类:艺 术>>艺 术>>摄影艺术
    出版时间:20180101  上架时间:20180313
     摄影后期,思路比技术更重要,掌握完整的知识 体系,比学习零碎的工具技术更有效果。 因此本 书不是各种技术的堆叠,而是一套摄影后期知识的体 系。 Thomas看看世界著的《风光摄影后期基础》不仅 深入浅出的介绍了常用的后期处理工具,还展示了当 今中西方风光摄影领域,最前沿的一些后期技术。本 书不仅会教你如何修图,还会告诉你为什么要这么修 ,这些处理背后的美学原理是什么。 相信通过阅读本书,你将离专业风光摄影师更近 一步。
    出版时间:20070101  上架时间:20071012
     August, 1806 As Britain fights alone against France, the greatest political chancer of his age hatches an audacious plot to upend the world order. Only one man stands in his way. Unfortunately,that man is Lieutenant MartinJerrold. With powerful enemies in England to escape, Jerrold is only too happy to undertake a routine mission to America. But he'll soon wish he had stayed at home, as his journey takes him across pirate-infested seas, through the wilderness of the American frontier and down the mighty Mississippi river - into the heart of an extraordinary conspiracy. The stakes are high - the entire future of Britain's war against Napoleon rests in his not-so-capable hands. One wrong move and the consequences will be catastrophic, even byJerrold's own dismal standards.

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